Slim OEM Look 4 Button Transmitters

2-Channel Control


53SL Function/Spec List:

Two 4-button AM 434 MHz OEM style transmitters
Patented 1-way 434 MHz Antenna with Built-in LED’s and Valet Override. U.S. Patent#: 6,037,859; 6,150,926; 6,346,877B1
Ignition 1, ignition 2, start, starter interrupt, climate control and parking light relay built-in for easy installation (2nd start & 3rd ignition circuit capable)
DBI Port compatible with ADS and Fortin
Remote keyless entry
Built-in parking light flash control relay
Dedicated horn output
Programmable 3 pulse for 3 push lock start from OEM transmitter
Multiple remote start programmable functions
Dome light supervision output
Remote operated valet, panic and vehicle locator modes
Gasoline or diesel compatible
PC / laptop downloadable programming interface

53SL | One-Way Remote Starter and Keyless Entry System