Amplifier integration interface for General Motors vehicles
OEM-1 with a vehicle specific harness plugs into the vehicle's wiring and provides a stereo RCA audio output for adding aftermarket amplification. 
Provides full range audio output 20-20,000Hz. 
Audio output level is controlled by the volume of the factory radio.
4 channel RCA output
1. For most vehicles, the warning chimes play through the front left speaker. This warning chime will be present on the left front RCA
output of AOEM-GM1416 interface and will be amplified through the aftermarket amplifier.
2. The factory headunit is a dual audio source unit. It can play CD audio on the front speakers and AM/FM audio on the rear headphone jacks
or vise versa. Turning on rear entertainment console controls will make the rear outputs of the AOEM-GM1416 interface play the second audio source.

PAC AOEM-GM1416 Interface Replacement for Amplifier