- Metal Xr Pro Series Remotes
- Xr Ultra Long Range 1-Way
- Up To 2800Ft*
- Tcs Temperature Comp System
- Rf Ant With Built In Valet Switch
- Dual Hyper Bright Indigo Leds

System Features
-  2 Data Ports For Flexable Installation- Door Lock & Unlock Outputs
- Factory Alarm Arm Output
- Factory Alarm Disarm Output
- Bypass Module Connector
- Dldp Direct Link Data Com Port
- 5 On-Board Extreme Duty Relays
- Diesel Mode With Glow Plug Input
- Ultra Auto Tach Detection
- Ultra Auto Tachless Mode
- Selectable Run Times
- Hood Pin And Brake Inputs
- Selectable (+/-) Park Light Output
- Programmable Aux Outputs
- Output Overload Protection
- Boot Loader Software Upgrades
- Temperature Sensor Port
- Cold Weather Timer Mode
- Driver’S Door Priority
- Panic Mode 

Ultra Start 1272 XR PRO Keyless Auto Remote Car Start / Starter u1272xr Pro